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Reminder When RSVP'ing for a Ride

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The Toronto Moto & Scooter Club
The Toronto Moto & Scooter Club
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Greetings TMSC!

I’d like to take a moment and remind everyone of a few things.

• If you RSVP Yes for a ride but for some reason your plans change, please let us know (preferably by changing your RSVP to No, before the ride day if possible).

This helps us in a few ways:

It allows others waiting for a spot to open up, a chance to join the ride When we’re waiting at the start point, we know whether or not to expect you The numbers also dictate how many ride leaders we need to run the event safely. Not letting us know you're not coming leads to us waiting around longer than planned, just in case someone was running a bit late.


• When showing up at the start point, please be prepared to ride, this means…

*** You’ve gone to the washroom
*** You’ve topped up your gas tank

• At stops along the way, i.e. rest breaks, butter tart stops, etc. The ride leader will let you know how much time we have for the stop. Please be ready to go by the end of this time.

*** If necessary, the leader will give everyone a 10 minute warning, this is the time you have to get your gear on and be ready to continue on the route.

*** This is especially important with larger groups because it takes much longer to move a large group along a route and there could be schedules we have to keep.

Please remember, the people organizing these rides/events are volunteering their time and money to provide you with interesting and fun rides throughout the riding season. They receive no payment from the club. If you’re wondering how they volunteer their own money, in most cases each route is pre-ridden by at least the leader and at times the tailgunner. This is to ensure the route is safe and to familiarize themselves with it in case there are certain spots that require special handling. This uses gas, which as we all know, is not cheap – even in a scooter. I’ve offered them gas cards for their trouble but each one of them said they don’t mind doing it for free.

Let's remember to thank these great folks for their efforts after each ride, the certainly deserve it.

Thanks, have a great season!

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