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Assistant organizer, TMSC 2011


Toronto, ON

Joined group

May 30, 2010


Semi-retired print & graphics guy living near Laird & Eglinton. I have a woodturning shop on Copeland.

What kinds of gas scooter do you have (No E-bikes accepted)

1961 Puch DS60 (this was sold in Canada and the US as a Sears Allstate Compact). IIRC purchased in 1967/8 for $75. 1966 Puch 250 SGS (not a scoot). Acquired May 2011 ($200). Operational as of Dec 30, 2011.

What do you use your scooter for (work, pleasure, errands etc.) and do you ride year round?

Mostly local use. And I no longer ride on snow. :) This has changed: rode through winter '11, except for 4 days at Christmas and Groundhog Day, and quite enjoyed most of it (short haul). :)

How did you become interested in scooters?

My father rode (Rapide & Black Shadow)

How long have you been riding?

I've had my M license since 1970, but didn't ride 77 thru 09

How far from home have you ridden?

Longest local round trip Leaside > Sharon > Davis & Warden > Leaside. Longest trip London to Invergordon (and return) on a Lambretta 125