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DM Workshop: Making Memorable PCs - The Kessel Run Method

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Patrick D.
DM Workshop: Making Memorable PCs - The Kessel Run Method


As DMs we are pretty much always looking to improve our games. These workshops are intended to let DMs work through some of the areas the they feel they need help with.

DM: Patrick Doyle

Non player characters add to the flavour of your world, and can really improve the sense of verisimilitude, giving the place life. In this workshop we're going to concentrate on these supporting cast members. We're going to come up with 10 compelling NPCs that you can drop into any of your games, giving compelling backstories for each using the "Kessel Run" principle. This means that we're aiming for "compelling", and not "involved" or "intricate." We want to offer only as much information about a character to make them interesting, without delving into the realm of exposition. We're going to "show", we're not going to "tell." The great thing about compelling NPCs is that once you've made them, you can recycle them, making the job of preparation that much easier. This is, of course, in contrast to, for example, compelling combats that you might hear about from some other people's tables. I'm lookin' in your direction, Sam Coleman.

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