Past Meetup

TORONTO MEN'S GROUP @ 7pm on *Thursdays* (Only tonight's meeting for this week)

Location visible to members


--->Questions? Contact me on [masked]

--->Please don't cancel ON the day of the meeting

--->New topics include :

*Are my thoughts accurate?

*Am I living to my full potential?

*Discovering & enhancing my core

*Tired of being dragged down? - create new tools to face life

*Which negative thoughts have I been carrying for years?

*How to create new energy, hope and light in my life

*Bonding with others, and myself

*Accepting yourself and others

1.I respectfully ask members not to cancel attending a meeting ON the day of the meeting. I know this is not always possible, but this will result in your chair being empty, thus taking the opportunity away from someone else who could have been here.

2.If you are attending a meeting for the 1st time, please be here 20 minutes to 7PM. If you are arriving with a car, free underground parking in the same building is available!

3.If it's difficult for you to speak in a group, don't worry! - you participation is up to you.

4.The group is so popular because members ENJOY being here, so see you soon!

Thank you,


The Conversation block below is to be used only by Facilitators BEFORE a meeting, for example if there is a last minute change in some of the arrangements. - Thank you for your co-operation! AFTER a meeting comments on the meeting will be posted there. You will receive an auto email after a meeting giving you the opportunity to post a comment.