TORONTO GAY MEN'S GROUP ~>Total 150+members & 1,200+meetings
TORONTO GAY MEN'S GROUP ~>Total 150+members & 1,200+meetings
Public group

Every week on Thursday


Location at M4Y 2K2 · Downtown, Toronto, ON

How to find us

Address info such as the buzzer code follows when you RSVP for a meeting

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🙂SPECIAL MEETING TONIGHT!! ~All welcome, details to be revealed!
I am looking forward to seeing you all tonight! Feel free to arrive any time from 6h40 for snacks & conversation before we start at 7pm.
We're only a few minutes walk from the Wellesley subway station, and free underground parking is available if you arrive by car.
Light snacks, juice, filtered water, fruit & cake :-) are provided.
Thanks, Andreas

* * *
A few examples of REVIEWS from members: ★This is the best place in Toronto to meet REAL people ★As good as it gets ★I was very surprised. I was skeptical but went to the meeting anyway. And then a light went on in my head that was switched off my whole life. Awesome! ★I loved every moment. ★This group is a great resource for seekers looking to untangle internal knots. Andreas is a master at showing you the ropes! ★ A positive and healthy way to discuss challenges that many of us face. And to learn how to enjoy life fully ★Incredibly nurturing, positive, informative, uplifting ★It's been a GREAT find for me ★ If you're looking for empathy, healing, real friends, respect, acceptance, feedback, new opportunities, positive energy or support, this is a fantastic group for you.

Discussion TOPICS include:

· Self-love and Happiness
· Practicing living in the moment
· SOMETHING is missing in my life...
· Change your life & feel GOOD about it
· We judge in others what we judge in ourselves
· How to be more dynamic & make REAL friends
· When we look at another person we are seeing ourselves
· What will happen if you pull away from your restrictions?
· There is only two choices in life -----> Love or FEAR
· A life unexamined is a life is hardly worth living
· People will really move you. Nothing else.
· Are we permanently stuck in our instinct?
· Are you somehow missing your own life?
· Find out who you really are.
· Build a solid Self-esteem
· Depression & Anxiety
· Starting (life) over