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Mentor Series: Portraiture & Lighting Workshop | Sun. Nov. 17 | 11am-3pm | $45

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The Mentor Series: Portraiture & Lighting workshop is a 4 hour information packed session that shows you how pose people and use lighting to achieve beautiful portraits! This intermediate level workshop will include both theory as well as practical application of these techniques. Rather than sitting in a classroom, this workshop is hands-on and fully immersive and students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session.

The cost for this incredible 4 hour workshop is only $45.00! RSVP TODAY

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for DSLR users who are comfortable with their camera and are looking to create beautiful portrait photographs using advanced lighting techniques including off-camera flash. By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to create beautiful images like this:

How Does the Workshop Run?

We will be meeting at a central Toronto location at Bloor/Yonge where we will be participating in the Portraiture & Lighting theory session. During the session you will have lots of opportunity to use your camera and put your photography skills to work. We will be working with off-camera flashes on umbrella stands with wireless triggers. Time will also be given for questions and individual attention will be given to assure everyone understands the techniques and principles being taught.

What Are The Goals Of This Workshop?

The goals are quite simply to help you learn how to create beautiful portraiture by implementing various lighting techniques as well as presenting various posing techniques to bring your subjects to life.

What Will You Learn?

The Lighting & Portraiture workshop is comprised of the following topics:

• Equipment for Portrait Photography - Lenses, Lights, Flashes, etc

• Posing for Portraiture & Composition Techniques

• Shooting Men, Women, & Couples

• Using Props & Outfits

• Natural Lighting - Window Light/Outside Light

• Flash Lighting & Modifying light: Bouncing, Diffusion and Using Reflectors

• High Key/Low Key Lighting

• Using Fill Flash for Back-lit (Sunset) Situations

• Silhouettes

• Mixed Lighting

• Even Lighting (2 Umbrella Shoot)

• Directed Lighting (Soft boxes)

• Lighting for Black & White

• How to Create a "Home Studio"

• How to Carry Your Studio "On the Go"

• And much much more...

In this workshop you will see how images like these were created and how you can easily recreate them yourself...

Added Bonus Workshop Material: 35 Page, Full-Colour, PDF E-Book download for mobile devices (pictured below).

In an effort to both save trees and go electronic, this manual is being presented in a PDF e-book format that you can carry with you on your mobile device (iPhone / iPad / Android / Laptop, etc.)

What Do You Need to Bring?

• DSLR Camera & Lens(es)
• Fully charged batteries
• Freshly formatted memory cards
• Creativity & Imagination

Off-camera flashes and wireless triggers will be provided so there is no need to bring your own, but you are welcome to if you already own a flash that fits the hotshoe of your DSLR.


Date: Sunday November 17, 2013
Time: 11 am – 3 pm
Duration of Workshop: 4 hours
Number of Photographer Spots: 7
Cost: $45/person


We will be meeting at the Plaza II Suites which is located here:

Plaza II Suites
88 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON
See on Google Maps (,+Toronto,+ON,+Canada&aq=1&oq=88+Bloor+Stree&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=54.093296,124.013672&vpsrc=6&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=88+Bloor+St+E,+Toronto,+Ontario+M4W+3T3,+Canada&ll=43.670848,-79.384981&spn=0.00305,0.007569&t=m&z=18&iwloc=A)

Contact Phone Number: Stephen James (647) 534-9639

The cost for this incredible 4 hour workshop is only $45.00! RSVP TODAY

Please note that payment must be received to confirm your attendance to the event organizer via PayPal (credit cards accepted even if you don't have a PayPal account). When RSVPing, you will be automatically directed to the PayPal site and then back again to the Toronto Photographic Meetup Group after payment has been processed. Please note that the PayPal site will indicate payment being made to "digitalTouch media."


About the Instructor: Stephen James

Currently an event photographer/videographer for TD Bank Financial Group, Stephen James is also a freelance photographer specializing in model portfolios, product and commercial images, and is now involved with film production.. Over the last few years, he has also mentored various photographers in the art of both photography and editing.

Stephen James' web site and selected portfolio can be found at: digitalTouch media ( A more extensive portfolio can be found here on Flickr ( His growing film archive can be found on Vimeo (

What Students Have Said About Our Past Portrait & Lighting Workshops:

“Best workshop I’ve experienced in Toronto!! Even though I've studied photography for quite sometime, I still learned a lot. Stephen is a wonderful person, mentor and great photographer. We had fun time laughing and shooting. What a beautiful day! Thank you Stephen!”

- Lisa

"Really good workshop! Very well prepared and presented and the take home material was an added bonus! Stephen was really knowledgeable, honest and gave great tips. I really appreciated the time and the care that was taken to answerer all of our questions. He also let us try freely the equipment that was used for the workshop! Thank you Stephen, I really appreciated all you help and all your helpful advice!"

- Pam

“Another great learning experience. I had a blast with everyone. Stephen is such a great guy sharing all his knowledge. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learning about lighting.”

- Kevin Pearcy

“Stephen was very informative - he gave a solid grounding in the basics of lighting and portraiture. Stephen is personable and very knowledgeable of his subject matter.”

- Greg Burns

“Had a great time with the class. Stephen was very informative, as always. (Now he'll hopefully help me draft a letter to Santa with my equipment wishlist...)”

- Renata

"As always, wonderful, informative, friendly. Thank you."

- Hanna

What Students Have Said About Our Past DSLR Workshops:

"Very informative. Stephen was very helpful and knowledgeable."

- Bernie

"Very informative session and nice and friendly atmosphere ... Thanks Stephen for all the tips shared ... Looking forward for your photo walk session"

- Kashif Marvi

"Stephen is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful."

- Lynie

"Wonderful, thank you. got inspired to experiment again."

- Hanna

"Thanks for the great workshop Stephen! Looking forward to future events."

- Sean O'grady

"Thanks for everything, Stephen. Well put together and very informative."

- Renata

"Thanks for all the help !!"

- Lisa Kelcher

"Stephen was a helpful, patient and knowledgeable instructor. Would definitely recommend this session to others."

- Susan Mullin

"The workshop was very much helpful and beneficial especially for those who have no basic knowledge of using the DLSR."

- Alvin Uy

"So helpful. Gave me exactly what I'd wanted to get out of it: Refresher on camera use and kick-start to getting back to non-point and shoot photography"

- Nathalie

"Excellent workshop. This workshop is designed to help all beginners to learn and improve their skills in photography. I had fun and really enjoyed it.

- Gary Ong

"Great info presented in an easily understandable & applicable manner. Liked having cameras in hand as info presented."

- Peggy

"I really enjoyed this workshop and would recommend it highly. The information provided was very clear and helpful, and the "hands on" aspect made a huge difference, as did going out on the street to take photos afterwards. Stephen was very patient and gave great pointers on how to take better shots. I do believe my "Fear of f Stops" is a thing of the past!

- CorrieG

"This was a great workshop for me...learnt a lot about my camera. Clicked lots of different kinds of pictures with different perspective. Thanks a lot Stephen!!!"

- Santosh

"This workshop truly inspired me, I couldn't stop taking pictures all the way home, to an extent that an old gentlemen approached me while I was standing on a barrier off the ground, trying to take a picture and asked me “What are you taking pictures of, there’s nothing there?”, oh but there was so much around, how could he not see it!!! :) This workshop gave me a kick in the right direction and now I know I want to learn MORE! Thank you Stephen!!!"

- Irina B.

"I found it really useful especially because you were able to spend some time one on one with us and because we got to be out and about trying what we learned as opposed to just sitting in a classroom."

- Bianca Mercuri

"This course was a fantastic introduction to the DSLR. The teacher was very relaxed and common-sense, able to make complex information understandable for relatively non-technical people (like myself). I was impressed by the depth of his knowledge and experience as well as his passion for the art-form."

- Carolyn Dallman Downes

"Thanks Stephen for sharing your knowledge to us , it was really fun joining your group.. Looking forward for another informative lessons and much exciting actual application of the theories you discuss."

- Lilibeth Mallari

"Thanks for arranging this meetup. Frankly, I learned more about manual controls in 5 hours, than I had figured out experimenting for the past 5 years. Stephen is very patient and small class guarantees individual attention. I'd definitely recommend his workshops."

- Zimmy Moe

"Stephen, thanks for an illuminating session. Previously, I've attempted to learn the basics of exposure by other means (books, youtube, etc) but I found your explanations the easiest to understand. I can recommend your course, without any reservations, to anyone just starting out with their DSLRs. Now to get some shooting done! =)"

- Daniel

"It was a great experience to find out which features are available in my DSLR."

- Svitlana

"Fun group, hands-on learning, and treats! The roam through Yorkville, looking like a bunch of paparazzi was fun too. :)"

- Marie-France

"Great course.. Stephen is a skillful teacher, well organized, and lots of fun. We left with more knowledge and new tricks of the trade. He covered the basics clearly and left us with excellent handouts. Each person in the class had an aha! moment. I am confident that when you attend one of his courses you will too!"

- Barbara Borenstein

"I got everything I hoped for- and more. Stephen is an excellent teacher, and is very patient with his students. I would recommend highly."

- Elizabeth

"Thank you Stephen... I found the work shop very informative and I came away with more knowledge of my camera and flash and different ideas for how I shoot! It was also a good mix of attendees. Looking forward to taking more workshops and participating in some photo shoots!"

- James Dean

"I enjoyed this workshop with so many concepts to learn about; Stephen shows a real love for photography as well as a true interest in teaching in a one to one basis."

- Alex Ramos

"Thanks Stephen, a pleasure to meet you! It was a fun and informative evening! There is so much to learn in photography, but you gave us the essentials, the knowledge and tools we need to hit the pavement :-) - thanks again! and I look forward to future workshops!"

- Jackie V

"Great workshop, I learned a lot! Thanks Stephen!"

- Chantal

"Stephen was awesome! A lot of great takeaways and mysteries resolved. Thank you!"

- Anton K

"Thanks Stephen - the meeting was enjoyable and informative!... good tips."

- Tina Galanos

“ As a beginner, I found this session very well organized with lots of relevant information. Stephen's love of photography is inspiring. Looking forward to future workshops. ”

- CJ

“ Excellent workshop! I learned a lot and this was very valuable to me. The course was set up really well and the information presented in a format that was easily understood. Steven was a great presenter. Thank you Steven. ”

- Michael G

“ Terrific workshop. So much was covered in a clear and concise way. And somehow Stephen managed to answer all our individual questions thoughtfully and completely. ”

- Fred Knox

“ It was a great meetup. Tons of information, a great Speaker (Stephen James) and printed materials for all attendees! ”

- James Killoran

“ Very informative. Learned some new tips ”

- Rachel Joseph-Herrington


Please Note: Information regarding the content of this event is subject to change with or without notice (i.e. the addition of new course material or topics and / or minor edits to text or formatting).


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