What we're about

This meetup is aimed at anyone wishing to learn more about medical tourism or get involved in the industry.

As a quick definition, a medical tourist is a person seeking to enhance their quality of life, using specific medical and/or esthetic treatment in other countries to benefit from equivalent or enhanced treatment with cost effective solutions.

By participating to the information sessions organized (in both French, English or Turkish), you will:

✔️ Learn more about specific medical destinations and personal experiences behind medical tourism;

✔️ Discover in detail different surgeries and treatments that are commonly preferred by people seeking treatment abroad;

✔️ Note the crucial points to keep in mind when you decide to travel to enhance your health;

✔️ Understand the true advantages of quality medical treatment abroad at very advantageous costs;

✔️ Benefit from an immediate & privileged contact at the EU-Info Center of EGM located in Brussels, in order to provide, privately, personalized and updated information if you consider treatment;

✔️ Participate in the development, dissemination and sustainability of clear, relevant and above all transparent information in the medical tourism sector;

✔️ Create professional contacts, whether you wish to meet in this field, discover it, or whether you are already an expert practitioner: you are all welcome.

The meetups are free, monthly and thematic. They generally last between 45-90 minutes minutes, depending on the topic, number of visitors and discussions.

However, there is a limited number of places available for each meetup, in order to efficiently answer questions.

// Cold and Hot drinks (coffee / tea) will be available during the information sessions. //


This meetup is organized in partnership with EGM-Europe.

EGM (Ophthalmological Center of Eskişehir) is the largest private center for ophthalmology of the region, with top of the art medical devices, experienced and renown surgical and medical team, and quality healthcare individualized service.

EGM-Europe is a representative office based in Brussels, which assumes the role of an information and liaison center forophthalmological queries, provides former patients with a European based post-operation support environment, and more generally aims to inform the public medical tourism in Turkey.

Past events (3)

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Ophthalmology Center De Eskişehir - D'information Et De Liaison

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Ophthalmology Center De Eskişehir - D'information Et De Liaison

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