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A Conservative Strategy for the Illinois Primary at the January Townhall Meetup

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Topic: A Conservative Strategy for the Illinois Primary


Paul Caprio - is Director of Family-PAC, a leading conservative Political Action Committee in Illinois and has been involved in state and federal elections and policy issues since 1979. Recently he has helped lead the fight to defeat both an increase in the Illinois State income tax as well as a successful effort to prevent passage of a graduated state income tax in Illinois. Paul is frequently interviewed by Illinois media on a variety of political developments. These include Fox News in the Morning (32), Chicago Tonight (11), and Among Friends (38).



6:30 pm dinner & networking

7:15 pm announcements

7:30 pm presentation begins

9:00 pm adjourn


The Lincoln Restaurant requires a minimum order from each person of $5.00 to secure our private room. A suggested donation of $3.00 would also be greatly appreciated. All donations cover the costs of holding each meeting such as handouts, nametags, door prizes, PR, etc.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!! - Help spread the word

****** DOOR PRIZES!!! for early arrivals ******

Please arrive by 7:15 pm, so we can start and respect those who are on time.

FREE PARKING: behind restaurant – entrance off of Irving Park Road going west from Damen; get ticket as you drive into lot and exchange for token at cashier inside the Lincoln Restaurant. There is a rear entrance to the restaurant from the parking lot.


Keep all communications as constructive / positive as possible (for face to face as well as electronic communication). For example, if you want to highlight a problem, challenge, obstacle to freedom and liberty, please suggest possible solutions and, better yet, actions you are personally willing to take to address the challenge. Thank you for your cooperation.


"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - George Washington (1732 – 1799)

Is there anyone less liberal than a “liberal” (aka statist) facing opposing opinion or fact? – anonymous

Disclaimer: No TelePromTers ® (or Autocues) were used in the preparation or dissemination of this communication.

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