A Serverless 'Bitly' using Azure Functions

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40 Molesworth St · Dublin

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On the corner of Dawson St. & Molesworth St.

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In this talk, we'll demonstrate how to build a 100% serverless 'bitly'-style URL redirection app.

Along the way, we'll learn:
- How to build and deploy your business logic using Azure Functions, including Proxy Functions
- How to store data in Azure Table Storage
- How to host a static website using Azure Blob Storage
- A few other things besides

The end result will be a fully-functional application, capable of supporting cloud scale, implemented with zero infrastructure and very low cost.

This will be a NO SLIDES talk. It's 100% code + demo all the way!

Doors at 6pm
Pizza at 6.30pm
Talk starts at 7pm
Food and drinks will be provided