.NET Meetup - Winter 2019

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Ormeau Baths

18 Ormeau Ave · Belfast BT2 8HS

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The Ormeau Baths is across from the Limelight. As this is after hours you will need to get access at the side door at Apsley Street. Please be aware that once the event is started this door will be closed for the evening for security reasons.

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Happy New Year!

I'm now back in the world of .NET full time and as such we will be looking to get back on track with lots of events this year.

The first event of the year will be on the 7th of Feb in the Ormeau Baths where our friends at Civica will be showing us what they do with Xamarin and .NET Core.

Niall Cunningham : Xamarin Mobile Development - A delve into the world of cross-platform development. Niall will show how Xamarin allows C# developers to create rich mobile applications which render natively across Android, iOS and UWP device. On the night Niall will show some of the tools he uses to create rich user experiences, provide insight into how your app is being used and how to build and deploy with ease.

Andrew Fletcher & Andrew Poots : A beginner’s introduction to Progressive Web Apps using the Microsoft .NET Core development stack and Visual Studio. This will include a demo.

Civica will be providing the food and drink on the night.

We're very fortunate that the Ormeau Baths have once again allowed us to use their great facilities for our event. As this is out of hours for the normal running of the 'Baths, access will be at the side entrance on Apsley Street. Once the event has started this door will not be manned and will be closed for security reasons. Entry will not be possible after the start time.

As always this event is provided as a free community get-together and the organisers, sponsors and/or host location cannot be held liable in the event of any issues, personal or otherwise. By attending this event you agreed to this. We always endeavor to provide a safe and welcome environment and we value your support in making this happen.