This is a meetup for people looking to learn about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other current and new cryptocurrencies, some recently issued by blockchain startups. We are going to discuss the world of Blockchain, decentralized applications, smart contracts and the impressively booming Token Economy.

We will discuss the Initial Coin Offering phenomenon, a new way for startups to raise funds and develop their venture via the issuance of new tokens.

We will talk about Smart Contracts, Oracles, Crypto Exchanges, ... the key elements of this new ecosystem.

Join an ecosystem with no limits to its innovation and audacity; discover the potential of tokens and how you could leverage new opportunities in this open space which is being shaped by entrepreneurs all over the world.

In the meantime, visit our website http://www.startuptoken.com and join our telegram (https://t.me/startuptoken) group (https://t.me/startuptoken)group) if you want to exchange with our communities around the globe!

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