Readers are leaders.

Do you enjoy reading books about entrepreneurship, business and investing?

Are you interested in discussing ideas about these topics with fellow business book aficionados?

Then this is the group for you.

Our meetup outline:

• Introduction: each person shares three facts about him/herself

• Brief author bio (max. 5 min)

• Impression: each person talks for 2 mins about how they related to the book(s)

• Discussion: lessons learned from the book

Total time: max. 2hrs.


What is the minimum requirement for participation?

You do not have to read each book completely, however, you do have to be interested in the books

that are being discussed.


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kitaplari tartisicagiz. Meetup basinda beraber hangi lisan kullanicagimiza karar vericegiz.

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Let's meet up and talk about the markets

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