CORK Help reach the Global Goals with Design Sprint - Week3: Storyboard

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This is the CORK Ladder community.

Imagine if we could solve the world's problems at a local level at the same rate, we solve technology problems at a global level? That is the purpose of "The Ladder".

Learn our advanced version of Google Design Sprints*, while solving real problems for local communities such as climate change, housing, homelessness, equality - and help to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals for your community, city and for Ireland.

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in innovation, process (or teaching it), designers, PM, PO, marketers, developers, social entrepreneurs, team leads, non-profits and .gov folks can all benefit. No prior experience is necessary

The workshop can be joined at any time, but you'll get the most out of it by attending all 6 weeks, every Tuesday from 18:45-21:00. This group runs through a full design sprint on building a real product or solution.

What you will learn
In this free interactive workshop. You will learn the skills and methods necessary to plan and execute your own Design Sprint - and be eligible for certification- while directly helping community, non-profits, charities, social enterprises and innovative Start-ups, solve critical problems.

We'll guide you along the way to ensure you can run your own design sprint with tips on how you can incorporate these techniques in unique ways within your team and organization.

The outcome is that you will be a Design Sprint Practitioner - while doing some real work addressing the world's critical problems.

Want to start 2019 by making a real difference? This is your chance to make your contribution.

See you there.
The Ladder Team