Mobilize Dublin - Kicking off 2019

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HubSpot, Two Dockland Central

Guild Street Dublin 1 · Dublin

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Right across the Samuel Beckett bridge on the Liffey

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For 2019 we kick off the first Mobilize at with our friends HubSpot over at the North Dock.

This time around, we're hosting lightning talks:

<1> Compile-time checked Mobile internationalization - Fabio Dela Antonio, Senior iOS developer @ HubSpot

<2> Pride and Prejudice and Software Testing - Conor O'Donnell, Senior Android developer @ HubSpot

<3> Risking it with RealmSwift - Antonio Pinho, Senior iOS developer @ HubSpot

<4> Composition and Navigation of UIViewControllers - Evgeny Kazaev, Senior Developer in HBC (formerly Gilt)

More talks to come...

RSVP to enjoy drinks, food, and meeting new developers/friends in the community.

On arrival, at 6:30 PM there'll be time to network with some food and drinks. We plan to start at 7 PM with 4 lightning talks/demos for you on different mobile subjects. Each will last around 15 minutes and we'll leave some time for Q&A between each. Afterwards - stick around for more drinks and to get to know the mobile community in Dublin.

Hope you can make it!