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Jericho - September weeknight game

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Jericho Hill (Union Square)

Powell & Post The grassy knoll on the NW corner of Union Square park · San Francisco, CA

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look for ordinary people weilding extraordinary nerf guns

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We are hitting the streets of San Francisco for the first night game of Fall so...
Come with your new roommate and have the time of their life!

We'll be running a standard 3 mission Jericho game and then finding a place to grab a bite & a drink afterwards. The first 10 minutes will be set aside for explaining the rules of the game and how the missions will be run. After that we'll hit the streets for the first mission.

Each player needs the following to play:
--Nerf gun (unmodified)
-- Bandana ( used when you die)

Looking forward to spying with you soon!

---The Chief