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Reshaping Data Driven Application Development with GraphQL and AppSync

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GraphQL is a powerful data querying and manipulation language, presenting itself as an alternative to REST in API development. This session is aimed at introducing the motivation behind GraphQL, and describe how it acts as an alternative to using REST when it comes to building data-driven applications. The importance of GraphQL APIs on serverless architectures will also be introduced, and the session will also demonstrate how GrapQL based APIs can be built with the help of AWS AppSync. This will segue the talk into the benefits of AppSync, specifically talking about the ability to access the AWS software infrastructure services while building your applications. AWS Lambda functions will be highlighted, and the session shall conclude with a demonstration on integrating Lambda functions into the GraphQL schema, a discussion of the problems of using Lambda functions with GraphQL, and the solution to the issues that surface.

*Syed Sarjeel Yusuf, Software Engineer, Atlassian Opsgenie*

Syed Sarjeel Yusuf is a software engineer at Atlassian Opsgenie being a member of Infra team. He is a cloud citizen by heart. Before joining Atlassian Opsgenie, he worked in Thundra where he increased his knowledge about serverless architectures a lot. He is primarily focused on architecture and Atlassian Opsgenie with serverless architecture.

The presentation will be in English.

18:30-19:00 Networking and Snack
19:00-20:00 Presentation