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Robo-Magellan Project (SRS Robothon Competition)

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Robo-Magellan Project

****Jigsaw is building a self navigating robot to compete at the Robothon on June 2, and we need more team members and mentors. would you help please.*****

PS: Professor Sebastian Thrun ( will help us complete programming all the major systems of a robotic car over the course of seven weeks. (CS373 - ( PROGRAMMING A ROBOTIC CAR (

Lead: Shubham Shukla

Host: Budi Mulyo

(Jigsaw Renaissance)


More info:
SRS Robo-Magellan

We reviewed the requirements for the autonomous robot contest and talked about what it would take for us to have an entry.

A benefit of the having a grand goal is that we get exposed to a lot of technologies and products.

Here are some of the items that were mentioned:

Arduino ( megaboard ( zigduino board (

Other boards:

Beagle Board ( Raspberry Pie ( Acronyms:

ESC Electronic Speed Control


Differential GPS (not allowed)

Robot Platforms:

DIY drones ( jDrones ( quadcopter ( arducopter ( lego mindstorm (

Sites: ( ( ( (

Programming languages:

Basic4Android — use of android phones or tablets as robot brain



Other places or hackerspaces:

Metrix Createspace

Real World Application:

In 2005, Stanley won $2,000,000 prize by winning the DARPA Grand Challenge (, the largest prize money in robotic history. Stanley ( is an autonomous vehicle created by Stanford University’s Stanford Racing Team. The leader of Google and Stanford’s autonomous driving teams who created Stanley, Professor Sebastian Thrun ( is showing us how to program all the major systems of a robotic car at the Udacity (, the free online course. Check out TED Talk – Sebastian Thrun: Google’s driverless car (

more... (