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What we’re about

Are you interested in leveraging technology to improve mental health, emotional wellbeing and human flourishing?

Transformative Technology Lab, a Silicon Valley based non-profit, is the leading global community of entrepreneurs and innovators in this space. Through our academy we are working with over 1000 companies in 450 cities around the world.

We exist to help Transformative Tech entrepreneurs and innovators succeed - by helping you find feedback, funding and friends. We Grow, Connect, Inspire and Support a community of motivated and talented people by:

- Curating unique and educational content to improve your products, teams, and prospects
- Creating deep connectedness to like-minded peers through global, local and online events
- Providing a shared mission, language and identity - Ikigai-Kairos
- Connecting you to resources -- scientific, funding, job boards
- Publishing sector research to create clarity and direction for start-ups, community leaders, investors, and decision and policy-makers around the world on TT applications, implications and strategies.


Over the last few years, we’ve seen major advances in science and technology that reveal even more of the human mind, body, and how it can interface to broader society and the world in ways that help all of us to thrive. We’ve also seen how tech can have less desirable consequences on the social fabric and human connection. What is the path forward to a future where tech truly supports human flourishing and exponential wellbeing? While no one knows exactly – we continue to join together to thoughtfully envision, iterate, and build it.

Together, we are a collaborative community of innovators dedicated to Transformative Tech. Together we can explore, iterate, and be deeply present to the responsibility and ethics that comes with making powerful tools to support the human experience.