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Create and Live Your Life's Purpose
Create Your Life Purpose small group workshop As I create workshops, one of the key questions I ask attendants is "What is your life purpose?". The reason I ask is without knowing our purpose how do we know if we are off our path resulting in less joy and fulfillment. In this small 8-10 person workshop we will delve deep and help you: - Discover what makes up our purpose and why it is important - Via guided visualizations we find our key values - Help you create your unique Life Purpose Statement (LPS). For example: "I am the rock that wakes people up to their brilliance.", "I am the ocean wave that inspires others to kindness." Here is mine, "I am the fearless lion that unleashes people's most brilliant selves." 7 years later it still guides and inspires me. If a project comes along that doesn't fit my purpose, I pass on it. You will leave empowered, with direction and clarity. *** Prepaid ONLY: Send interact transfer to, question, "What is this for", Answer: Lifepurpose *** Your Coach for the evening: Frank Maloney, MBA, CPCC Frank has an MBA in Strategy and a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. Frank is a veteran certified, Tony Robbins Trained Life Coach who has coached hundreds of clients and trained thousands on dating success. He is the author of 5 self-published books including the upcoming "Bumbling Towards Love: An Adventure in Online Dating" He has transformed many people's confidence and success in dating with common sense approach that yields immediate and authentic results.

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Travel more and save! Travelling through a group offers you a multitude of savings 1) Group Buying Power - better prices 2) Group Perks 3) If you are single we will match you up with a roommate so you save the single supplement 4) Benefits of a group leader and professional travel planning 5) Private tours on your trip that save you money!!

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