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Scruples for Singles (In conjunction with 40+ Out of the Box Connexions/Events)

Scruples: : “A feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action.”

Where do you draw the line between right and wrong , good or evil, do it or not, as an eligible single? Where do you draw the line and why? These are questions best explored with other interesting singles! And that's what this event is about!

In this highly interactive evening game of singles scruples you will get to see where your morals stand and where they clash with others

Sample Questions:

- As you meet a first date you realize thy lied about their age/ weight or looks , do you cut the date short or remain curious and go through with it? Why?
- A close friend of yours has broken up with their boy/girlfriend that you feel you want to date. What do you do and how soon?
- You haven't had the conversation about being exclusive yet with your boy/girlfriend , you are not sure you want to be exclusive yet, do you bring it up or wait? Why?

Loosely (very) based on the game of the same name,Singles Scruples will challenge your values and thoughts about dating, sex and relationships.

An evening of questions and challenges to what is acceptable morally and personally for you and fro everyone else with a little competitive twist!

We will be mixing and mingling while meeting other singles, come ready to play! Who knows, your scruples may match someone else’s and then the sparks will really fly!

IMPORTANT: Non attendance once a spot is alotted to you hurts our event and those who would like to come but can't. We will be tracking attendees who RSVP. Those that don't attend after RSVP will pay in advance for future events. So if you must cancel do so within 48 hours of the event!

Come early and have dinner and relax before the event.

Your hosts: LeeAnn and Frank