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Four Kings of Raja Ampat | National Day in Papua, Indonesia

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Piotr and Thomas S.
Four Kings of Raja Ampat | National Day in Papua, Indonesia


Raja Ampat, which literally translates to “Four Kings”, comprises of four main island groups around Birds Head Peninsula of West Papua, Indonesia. Truly one of the last hidden paradises on the planet, secluded far at the corner of Papua the second biggest island in the world.

Scattered in hundreds of jungle covered islets, Raja Ampat is known for its beaches and coral reefs, uber-rich with marine life.

Raja Ampat is the place where you can enjoy simple life with daily routines. The most beautiful and breath taking sunset is the natural phenomenon which you can watch every evening.

Life on the islands is deliciously slow and sleepy Most islands have no motorized vehicles, just sandy footpaths between the colorful wooden houses. The locals are welcoming and ready to smile all the time Kids will follow your every single step they are very curious about foreign travelers.

Day 0
Meeting at domestic terminal of CGK Jakarta Airport for a flight to Sorong.

Day 1 Arrival to Paradise
Arrival by 8 am, drive to harbor. At 9am we will take the fast boat to cross to Waisai (about 2 3 hrs) Reach Waisai, transfer to our resort. Check in and lunch. Around 2 pm, we will go to few incredible locations for first snorkeling. Late afternoon back to resort, dinner and free time.


Early light breakfast before boarding a boat. The journey to Wayag will take about 5 hours. We will take a break in between on one of the gorgeous islands. Reach Wayag at around 11 am and start trekking (about 30 mins) to the peak. Back from the peak, we will have our lunch and rest for a while before heading back to our guest house for this night, built right over the water surface. Reach guest house, dinner and free time.


Breakfast at 6.30 am and get ready for Piyanemo!! We will reach viewing deck in about 15-20 mins for one of the best panoramic views on the planet. From Piyanemo we will continue to Fam Wall and Arborek for snorkeling. We will have our lunch at Arborek. Further on to Yenbuba for one last snorkeling spot for the day. We will stop by at famous Pasir Timbul to enjoy the sunset time and the clear water. Back to resort, dinner, and free time afterwards.


Today we will need to wake up early as we will be heading to Batanta (about 2 hours journey) to find Dugong, the marine mammal, relative of sea lions, that usually appears in the morning for feeding on the sea grasses. After spotting Dugongs, we will put on our trekking shoes and hit the jungle trail to waterfall. Back from the waterfall, we will have our lunch on the island. Head back to our resort. Dinner at 7 pm.


Prepare for meeting paradise birds! Wear a comfortable trekking shoes today, too! We will need to trek through the jungle to spot them. At around 10 am, we will go to Teluk Kabui and Sauwandarek Village where we will have our lunch. On the way back to the resort we will stop by at Cape Kri and Mioskon for snorkeling. Around 5 pm we will reach resort. Free time at leisure after dinner.


Breakfast will be ready at 7 am. Check out at 8.30 am. Transfer back to Waisai and take the fast boat to Sorong. Lunch and drop off to airport for domestic flight to CGK Jakarta. Bye bye Papua!

Level of difficulty: Easy. This is a travel to the area with limited facilities, however we will stay 4 nights in resort.

Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, jungle trekking. Optional diving.

Duration: 6 days, on / off CGK JAKARTA AIRPORT.

Cost: 7150 AED incl. 2 domestic flights.
Emirates flight to CGK: approx. 3000 AED.

Accommo & meals: Included 4 nights in resort, one night in water house. All meals, except meals on transfers.

Specifically excluded: International flight to Jakarta.

See yah in Raja xx

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