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Come Learn Qi Gong- Gift of the Tao I: Vibratory Acts of Power! Explore your radiant potential.

This Qi Gong (Chi Kung) class is for practitioners of all levels. If you are interested in learning the Art of Self-healing, Qi Gong is working with energy to open up all the energy pathways through gentle and relaxing movements. Feedback from attendees is along the lines of "very energizing while calming at the same time! An awesome and balanced practice"

We have class once a week online, and weather permitting meetups to do the first set of Gift of the Tao at various Lakes/Rivers around the Triangle.

The complete set of GIft of the Tao Qigong uses dynamic movement patterns to work out the entire body and energy system. This helps improve energy flow and raise your frequency for improved health and awareness. The end result is an expanded and balanced state of being.

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Tones for Your Bones: Winter/Water- Rejuvenation and Rest

This event has passed

Tones for your Bones: Qi Gong to Live Music! Autumn/Metal Path

1911 Hillandale Rd

Tones for your Bones: Qi Gong to Live Music! Summer/Fire Edition

1911 Hillandale Rd

Outdoors Qi Gong! Northgate Park in Durham

Northgate Park


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