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Jan 11, 2011


I'm an all-around animal lover that used to do some volunteer work with the Humane Society of Eastern NC before I moved. Now I'm back in the Triangle and looking to meet others in the area who are owned by their bunny friends.

List your pet rabbits names and briefly describe them.

Loki is an English Spot with a mild temperament but a definite stubborn streak. Woe to she who feeds him cabbage. Adolphus is our new Harlequin rescue. He's a youngster with lots of energy and endless curiosity.

How long have you had pet rabbits?

My husband first got Loki 7 years ago and he introduced me when we got together in 2004. We've been suckers ever since.

Do you have other pets? What kinds?

We have 3 rats, Monterrey Jack, Sawyer, and Bigby, and 3 mice, Gemma, Ophelia, and Vinkatesh.

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