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Tubing the Dan River & Boba House Dinner

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from the Ideas tab: Picture this - it's a warm/hot summer day. You are with your new and old veg friends floating down the Dan River on a comfy inflatable tube. Nearby your cooler of snacks (cherries highly suggested) and bevvies floats with you. You take a dip when you want and cool off in the river. You chat, float and relax. Hopefully you wear adequate sunscreen to avoid burning. After the float (which takes 2-4 hours on Class 1 and 2 waters) if it's Saturday, you head by Boba House in Greensboro on the way home for an early dinner. What could be better? Due to a deposit made at the time of reservations, this will be a prepaid event. http://www.danriverad... (

So there was enough interest in my tubing idea - so here it is coming to fruition! Pre-payment is required for this event since I will be paying a deposit and making a reservation. $13 will be required via Paypal - this is a secure service which is free to you. This fee includes your tube, group cooler tube and Paypal fee. You should also pitch in gas money if you carpool! We will have one cooler tube to share. You will be required to sign a waiver for Dan River Adventures.

You must be on time to Dan River - we will have a reservation for the shuttle bus at a particular time and CANNOT be late!! You can expect to leave Durham about 10, take roughly 2 hours to drive, be on the water for 2-3 hours, then stop by Boba House in Greensboro for dinner on the way home. So this will be a 'most of the day' event!

Event will most likely be held rain or shine. Last year some friends and I rode through a terrible storm on our way to Dan River Adventures. We thought for sure our trip would be canceled. We got to the office and it was all sunny. It merely sprinkled on us once, which was welcome!

Hope you can make it!

~ Stephanie, tubing loving organizer

EDIT - Reservation has been made for 12 people for 1pm on July 10! This means we must be at the site and ready to go by 12:30. If we are late, we potentially lose our spot - and the shuttle bus WILL leave without you if you are late. I almost experienced this last year. Reservations are for a particular time, so you cannot just get on the next shuttle. At the very bottom of this page: http://www.danriverad... ( is the adult waiver form. You should bring this with you, signed. Please also check out this page: http://www.danriverad... ( which explains what you should and should not bring. Please post in your RSVP if you will be meeting at my house to carpool. Please plan to arrive by 10 so we can pack up the cooler and get on the road by 10:15 at the latest. Also please post if you are willing to drive. I have requested 1 cooler tube for us to share. This should be ok for us to take some drinks and snacks. You will not be able to pack in your lunch cooler in it or anything like that - just your drinks and food. I will have some ice. With 12 people, we need to conserve space. If you plan to consume alcoholic beverages, these must be discretely packed - and no glass!

If you wanted to get in on this trip, but did not meet the deadline, you are welcome to call Dan River and make a reservation for yourself for the 1pm time. Then you could float with us!