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Welcome to our One Love Tribe Shamanic Gatherings! We bring you a celebration of Life, Sacred Connection to our beloved Pachamama, Wisdom Teachings from the Elders, Dancing, Drumming, Sound, Singing and Energy Work. These evenings bring these sacred teachings and ways to the world.

The One Love Tribe believe in full energy tribal devotional gatherings, honoring our shamanic ancestry, and connecting on much deeper levels to one another.

This is the space you can come to let go, heal, express love, be accepted for who you are unconditionally, learn tribal wisdom, connect as one tribe with your brothers and sisters, release negativity, and dance and sing for your love of Great Spirit and Pacha Mama!!!

We live in a beautiful time, a time where humanity is waking up to its connection to something eternal, and to our connection to mother earth. Everything is speaking to us, everything is singing its vibration across creation….and its time to express ours.

Whoever you are or wherever you come from on the planet, we all originate from shamanic cultures, so it is everyone's original history and our birthright to practice Shamanism and do what our ancestors have been doing since we incarnated here on this beautiful planet hundreds of thousands of years ago.

These tribal gatherings are a celebration of spirit, of life, of beingness, of the Earth, of beauty, of love. Come along and experience the sounds of the underground, with South American and African drummers and shamanic/spiritual singers.

This is a chance to welcome back our brothers and sisters from the family of Light; our tribe of many colours. As we step into the times where the ancient prophecies of the rainbow warriors who will take humanity and the Earth to a new consciousness is being fulfilled by You. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for, as we come together and raise the vibration for ourselves and all others. Aho!

To see photos from our previous gatherings, please follow this link: http://www.meetup.com/londonspirituality/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=11861662 (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2Flondonspirituality%2Fphotos%2Fall_photos%2F%3FphotoAlbumId%3D11861662&h=pAQFELG_b&s=1)

The Tribal Trance Dance involves a dance where all wear blindfolds to fully let go into the dance without any self consciousness, allowing you to release your self into the dance and bring forth your spirit.

The Sacred Icaros and tribal songs will be sung to call the spiritual doctors to heal us and change our molecular and dna structure with the scared vibration of the sound.

At some events will be a sacred Water Ceremony, performed by Water Goddesses to bless our mother waters, and channel powerful healing light into this water to transform it into powerful medicine that we will drink to heal us.

There are regular guest speakers such as shaman coming over from South America wishing to share the wisdom of the ancients and their advice for this time. Check the events post for further updates on this.

Come along and experience the sounds of the underground, with South American and African drummers and shamanic/spiritual singers!

*Optional* Please bring along a cushion / pillow / something soft to sit on, and a rattle to play! Most essential is to bring an open heart and mind. This will be an evening to meet many new friends and see again your brothers and sisters, an evening to come together in unison for a higher purpose, to be one tribe.


Akasha is a shamanic teacher, practitioner and healer who is committed to sharing her knowledge and healing abilities, and to assist people on a path of personal transformation. She is passionate about self-development and spiritual growth, and has over the past 12 years explored many different healing modalities including reiki, re birthing, massage, yoga, sacred dance, meditation, energy healing, psychology, counseling, indigenous shamanic healing, sound healing and Amazonian plant spirit shamanism.

She began her spiritual journey 12 years ago when she began intensive training with Maestro Brassilian Shaman Dougy Maricato De Souza for eight years, with the use of sacred Amazonian plant teachers.

Akasha has studied a wide variety of spiritual healing practices from different cultures and is able to weave traditional knowledge together with modern approaches to personal growth. Her main focus is on shamanism in its many forms, and is especially drawn to Amazonian and South American shamanism and its relevance today for the modern world. Akasha has trained with several shamans within the lineage of Native American, Peruvian and European Shamanism.

For the past three years she has been training intensively in the Amazon with two Indigenous Maestro Peruvian Shamans, Don Javier Arevalo Shauano and Don Nemias, both from the Napruna region of the Peruvian Amazon. Both Maestros are ‘Bancos’, bancos is the highest order of Shaman attainable in the Amazon. She spends several months of every year in the Amazon deepening her training with tribal shamans, studying the ancient healing techniques and learning how to work with the healing energies of Mother Earth. She also leads groups of westerners to the Amazon to work, heal and train under master Indigenous tribal Shamans, to heal with the sacred Amazonian plant teachers. She has been walking the Medicine wheel now for two years, and is a mesa carrier.

Akasha is a spirit of love and compassion who devotes her healing work to introducing people to the ancient shamanic indigenous ways of ceremony. She runs courses and workshops teaching indigenous Peruvian and Native American shamanism and healing techniques, and she runs a daily healing clinic for one to one sessions in South West London. She believes that love is the most powerful and healing energy in the universe and love is her main driving force.

www.akashawacha.co.uk (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.akashawacha.co.uk%2F&h=gAQEpotsD&s=1)

RAFASEMILLA, founder of Healing the Land project Shaman currently working with the COFAN tribe in the South region of Colombia Putumayo.

Healing the Land Project:
The Putumayo Amazonian region is highly important for the preservation of the Amazonian rain forest. Its native people, medicinal plants and wild animals such as the Jaguar and the Tapir are currently threatened by increased road construction, oil exploration and fumigation. We are working together with the Cofan community from the Ukumari Kankhe Protected territory and other communities to defend and preserve this land.

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