Google Summer of Code Mentorship: Data-Driven Exploration of the R Community

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This presentation will be livestreamed at .

Ben Ubah of Nigeria reached out in March, 2019 to Dr. Claudia Vitolo in the UK and Rick Pack in the United States about a potential Google Summer of Code (#GSoC2019) project that would feature automatic daily refreshing of R user group membership using the Meetup API. The result was at least three online publications, including this one - - and a novel Travis continuous integration-based dashboard: .

Rick Pack will present on his experiences as a GSoC mentor, including themes of (i) trusting the mentee, (ii) the guilt and joy of mentoring someone thousands of miles away, (iii) the R-Ladies meetupr R package, (iv) effective data visualization and (v) Github's amazing Travis CI service.

Rick Pack is a data scientist at LabCorp whose views and presentation content do not necessarily reflect the perspective of his employer. He is mostly an R programmer who blogs at Rick has a master's degree in applied statistics and escapes the computer screen, and his mind, by running middle-distance sprints in master's track meets.