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Durham Book Discussion of "Mobile First"


This will be the Durham-based meetup for the discussion of Moblie First. There is also be a non-overlapping session hosted in Raleigh one week later.

On June 21st at 6pm we will be meeting to discuss Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski at Viget Labs. In the meantime, feel free to head to the discussion tab here to ask questions about the book or suggest a time or location for the meetup!

Mobile First is available here:

About Mobile First from the web site:

Our industry’s long wait for the complete, strategic guide to mobile web design is finally over. Former Yahoo! design architect and co-creator of Bagcheck Luke Wroblewski knows more about mobile experience than the rest of us, and packs all he knows into this entertaining, to-the-point guidebook. Its data-driven strategies and battle tested techniques will make you a master of mobile—and improve your non-mobile design, too!
Viget Labs
202 Rigsbee Ave. · Durham, NC
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