What we're about

Singapore is well-known to be a great place for startups to grow, but here's an irony: Why aren't there many Singaporean successful startups? Instead, most successful startups are usually the foreign-born entrepreneurs.

Are Singaporeans unqualified to be entrepreneurs? That's untrue. We have many smart people who are willing to take risks and try their hand at being an entrepreneur. But how does one navigate in the startup world, getting funding, building a product correctly and getting connected to the right people?

What is this all about | TRIVE is a born-and-bred Singaporean team that are entrepreneurs and VCs who have been there, done that in starting up. TRIVE is a firm believer of the 'pay-it-forward' movement, which was the main reason Silicon Valley succeeded, and is now bringing this to Singapore.

TRIVE aims to raise a whole new generation of young Singaporean entrepreneurs and ecosystem players who will form the core of Singaporean businesses and contribute to Singapore's economy in the next 50 years.

It aims to gather young Singaporeans via community meetups, with the purpose of networking and also to impart TRIVE's trade secrets and knowledge of the startup world.

Who should attend | Any millennial Singaporean citizen/PR below 35 who is:

1. An entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who seek fundraising, mentorship, business benefits and connections.

2. Working in Fund management, VCs, PEs, incubators, accelerators or innovation arms

3. A tertiary student interested to acquire new skills on fundraising and Venture Capital

4. Any involvement in the startup world.

How do I benefit joining as a member | Get access to TRIVE's pay-it-forward community initiatives, which includes:

1. Free administration of the Startup SG Founder Grant (no sweat equity or payment)

2. Access to business benefits worth S$50k, including Google Cloud credits, Hubspot access, discounted legal and incorporation fees, off-shoring tech services. (grant recipients only)

3. Free access to JustCo's co-working space at Marina Square. (grant recipients only)

4. Access to over 85 NEXT50.sg mentors of all various backgrounds to aid you in your entrepreneurship journey via free mentorship.

5. Discounted rates on masterclasses taught by TRIVE's partners on startup training, Singaporean-style.

6. Access to a network of angel and seed VCs. (grant recipients only)

Past events (6)

Networking Lunch with TRIVE Labs

JustCo @ UIC Building, Coworking Space & Hotdesking Singapore

Startup Masterclass: Understanding Fundraising Documents

JustCo @ Marina Square

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