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This group is primarily so I can find players for my game of modified 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. I'm a filthy tryhard who intends to put entirely too much effort into this campaign, looking for players who also want to invest their creative efforts into a game of story-rich, immersive, heartwarming heroic fantasy D&D.

If this group has any kind of unique culture, I'd like it to be that the style of games on offer here is the immersive kind of roleplaying where we try to believe in the reality of the game world and tell meaningful stories together, not the silly ironic kind where we try to do whacky shit (which certainly has its place). I still like tons of laughter and joking in my adventures, just...immersive jokes. It's hard to explain, but you know it when you see it.

(If other players & DMs want to use the group to form their own games, that's fine. Chat with me first so I can see if I'm comfortable promoting your group, then you can make an event for it.)


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Player Search (aka Tryhard Tryouts) (not an actual event)

Here's my campaign pitch! If you're interested after reading it, send me a DM and we'll go from there. (this is not a timed physical event, RSVPing does nothing but show interest) I’m David, and I want to DM a really rad campaign. I’m looking for a diverse set of players who are a good fit for me and who want to be in a game that they feel really invested in. I have ideas for a custom campaign setting, and homebrew rules to make 5e more fun, but I think we’re going to get the best results if I find the right players for me first and then build a campaign based on what those players are excited about. I have a ton of free time and I’m willing to put in a lot of effort to make our games fun. I’m also into making time for a back and forth with my players to ensure they’re happy with the game and their role in it. Being consistently available for the game is an important quality in the players I’m looking for. I’m new to DMing, so you’ll have to be someone who doesn’t mind being patient with a rough experience for a while and helping me grow. I started with 5e and have been a player in 3-4 groups for about a year. I've been learning about and preparing to DM for maybe 6 months. Is this the game for you? If you read my likes and dislikes below and generally agree with them, it just might be! Send me a message and we’ll move forward from there. Cheers, D -What I like- * Believable worlds, NPCs, stories, and player characters * Lots of laughter * Every player feels like their character concept plays exactly how they want it to play * Each player character has a personally meaningful reason to work together and to pursue the current quest * We’re there to have fun, and each player gets to experience some of what they love about D&D each session * Home brewing rules and character options to improve the base 5e experience * Players who are emotionally invested in the game, their character, each other, and me * I as DM put a lot of effort into crafting experiences that are cool, fun, and meaningful * The setting is an exciting place that the players feel eager to explore * Heroic fantasy quests with relatable human drama * Cool magic shit * Respectful, reasonable, helpful NPCs * Great story moments * Party members building meaningful relationships with one another * Awesome, exciting battles against cool enemies * Creative out of combat social and puzzle challenges * Critical Role -What I don’t like- * Players feeling stuck or dissatisfied with their character options * Party in-fighting * Characters having no reason to be on the quest or with the party * Ironic player character concepts that shoehorn an absurd or modern real-world character type into a fantasy setting * Players doing dumb, 4th-wall-breaking stuff because it’s shocking or funny * Sexual violence in game * Selfish, unheroic parties * Dumb, annoying, or nonsensical rules * Racist fantasy worlds (all orcs/goblins/etc. are evil savages by nature who we can kill without feeling bad) * Nonsensical fantasy worlds (goblins kidnap our children all the time, but we don’t have a wall around our small village in the middle of nowhere!) * Mean, disrespectful, or unhelpful NPCs * Scary monsters dying in one turn before they do anything cool * Every strong monster taking one player from full health to dead on a single turn while leaving the rest of the party untouched * When something awesome could have happened, but instead something lame happened because of arbitrary DM rulings

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