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Have you ever read about a technology, framework, or programming language and thought, "I'm going to use that for my next project!" Time passes, and you never seem to get a chance to try it out.

We've all been there. Technology is an ever-changing landscape and it seems nearly impossible to keep up with it all. It's so easy to stick with what you know, especially when you need to build quickly. And the day job isn't exactly the place to keep your personal sandbox. Well here's your excuse to finally try those exciting new technologies you keep reading about. Don't let your skills go to waste. Try New Tech. That's what this meetup is all about.

The format? We'll have a 30-minute presentation on a specific topic, followed by a set of challenges set up by the organizers to get your hands dirty and really drive the point home. Yes, you'll need to bring a laptop. If you let us know ahead of time, we'll do our best to get you one.

Interested in presenting? Send an email to present@trynewtech.com. Sometimes a little social pressure from a public commitment can be just the thing you need to pick up something new. We encourage you to take advantage of this meetup. The organizers will even help you create some engaging challenges.

Past events (3)

Try Ruby on Rails

Needs a location

Try Git - A distributed version control system

Needs a location

Try RethinkDB - A NoSQL Database with Joins

Needs a location

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