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Which Way to the Front Line From Here? (Full Frame)

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When British conflict photographer Tim Hetherington turned to documentary filmmaking, he met with immediate success, as a cinematographer on The Devil Came on Horseback, and then as a director of the Osca®r-nominated Restrepo and the short Diary (all of which were shown at Full Frame). His eye for composition was admirable, as was his bravery under fire. He was body-and-soul dedicated to the dangerous work of bringing the sights and sounds of the front lines to the world’s attention. But the real strength of Hetherington’s work came from his ability to connect person-to-person with everyone he came across, from ragtag Liberian irregulars and stockaded American marines to war’s countless victimized civilians. In 2011, he was killed in the lethal chaos of Libya’s Arab Spring. Author-turned-documentarian Sebastian Junger, his filmmaking partner on Restrepo, assembled this loving portrait. Interviews with Hetherington's parents, friends, colleagues, and girlfriend, along with footage from his various documentary projects, fill in a picture of a man worthy of the overused word “hero.” MM

Q&A following screening with Lily Hindy, deputy director of Reporters Involved in Saving Colleagues

Tickets go on sale here ( Monday, March 25, at 11:00 am, and they do sell out so I recommend ordering early. Showtime is 8:00 but I'm listing the start time as 7:30 since crowds can be expected.

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