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Winning the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film festival, legendary director Ken Loach and longtime writing partner Paul Laverty present an engagingly off-kilter new heist film, The Angels' Share. Robbie (Paul Brannigan), a broke new father with a good heart, is in serious trouble with the law. When he holds his newborn son for the first time, Robbie is determined that the boy will have a better life, one with more opportunities than he has been offered in this insular, blue collar world. But first Robbie must sort out a variety of pressing problems -- the desire of his girlfriend's family to do him harm and run him out of town being first and foremost among them. He is given a lucky break by a judge who shows mercy and grants him community service instead of jail. Here he meets Rhino, Albert and Mo, former petty criminals also down on their luck. Of course, this being a caper movie, they hatch a plan, but if you want to know what the plan is you should come join us at the movie.

Showtime is 7:10, so I'm listing the event start time as 6:45 to give us time to visit a little and find our seats. I know it's a weeknight, but it would be great to gather and visit some more afterwards. Perhaps it'll be warm enough to go to Yopop.

I'll make every effort to make sure the movie is still showing as of Monday, but it only opens this week so I think chances are good.

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