Catalinas - Middle Tooth (advanced!) Date MOVED TO THE FALL!!!


A wonderfully cool day on Thursday gives us one last chance to bag a front range peak before summer!
Thanks to Belinda for calling attention to the amazing Wolfs teeth!
The summit register on Table Tooth dates back to the mid seventies and few parties have summited since.Middle Tooth sees even fewer visitors. It's the peak near table mountain east of table tooth in the Santa Catalina Mountains , It is part of the Wolf's Teeth.

This is expected to be a 10-12 hr trip.
Stats: ~10 miles (8 on trail, 2 off trail) ~4000 ft elevation gain
For calibration it's longer,more exposed, involves 2 miles off trail and a little more scrambling than Finger Rock Guard.

The first part of this adventure will be on the Pima Canyon trail about 3.7 miles then a little over a mile to the peak

Once we leave the trail, we will slow down to help keep the group together. We will bushwhack up a drainage to a ridge then around behind some big rocks. Soon after we will scramble up a short class 4 section to the peak and there will be a few spots with exposure. 'Exposure to what?' you may ask. 'Death or Serious Injury,' is the replyl!

When I did its twin "table tooth " it had lots of exposure and class 4 (and a few 5th class) moves. If you don't understand what class 4 & 5 climbing is, then this adventure is probably not suitable for you. Please do not sign up unless you are familiar with this type of hike. Briefly, class 4 means a fall will likely be fatal, class 5 requires ropes (and a fall is more likely fatal).

Warnings and Disclaimers: Bushwhacking and rock scrambling are very dangerous activities. Hike at your own risk! By attending this event you agree that you are responsible for yourself. Meetup is not responsible for you.

5 liters of water
Food for most of the day
Sun and rain gear, depending on forecast
Long pants and sleeves are recommended for the bushwhacking portion of this hike.
Helmet is recommended for scrambling.

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