Hosting Apps on DigitalOcean using Dokku

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I recently paid an Amazon Web Services bill for $70.93. It was for hosting a Ruby on Rails application using PostgreSQL, Redis, and Memcached. The app also stored a few dozen small files on S3. Everything fit on the AWS Free Tier until it ran out last month! It was just a dummy app used to test technology!

The same project on Heroku would cost $14 a month to run on the lowest free tiers of each service. Adding a second app would cost another $14 a month.

So, this month at Tulsa.rb I'm going to talk about how to host half a dozen of these types of projects on a single DigitalOcean VPS using a technology called Dokku which tries to be a mini-Heroku.

No prior hosting or deployment knowledge needed. I'll cover app is done and works in development to deploying and seeing it work online!

Please RSVP as soon as possible; food and drink will be provided!