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It's getting late and I'm getting tired of writing stuff. I picked this cause it sounded funny. And because the next day is Sunday.

Show starts at 7. Let me know if you're interesting in doing something before or after. Otherwise, meet at 6:30 or so. Tickets are $12 plus a $4 Fringe button. You only need on Fringe button for all the shows, and you can get them at the ticket counter.

Also listed with TC Nightlife.

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This show is Recommended Fringing by Bill Corbett.

Minnesota Monthly lists this show among Fringe productions that are très intriguing.

Michelle Storm blogs about The Jack Chick Plays for The Examiner.

Fun-sized fundamentalist comics adapted for the secular stage. It's like getting spanked with a King James Bible; whether sinful or sanctimonious, your buttocks will throb with shame and glee.

Here's the deal. You know those religious tracts, distributed by enthusiastic Christians, not that there's anything wrong with that? You find them on the bus, under windshield wipers, or (waitresses!) on a four-top in lieu of a tip? Yeah, those. Most of 'em are written and distributed by a real guy: Jack T. Chick. You can browse tracts to your heart's content at Chick Publications, Inc.. God knows they're fun to read. But why stop there? We didn't. Colder by the Lake (Duluth's original comedy theater) kicks this 2-D world into 3-D. Each tract is a cautionary tale: either you accept precious-blood-donating Jesus as your personal savior, or you swim in the Lake o' Fire. There's not much gray area, especially if you're counting on your good works to save you.

The show's arsenal is stocked with Satan's horns, angels' wings, the faceless face of God, fake mustaches and a smart, sexy, funny-looking cast of six, who play a total of 66 different characters (nine of whom speak Spanish). Featured sins include but are not limited to: drunkenness, greed, promiscuity, homosexuality, and believing that man came from monkeys.

Does your name appear in The Book of Life? Probably not. But see the show and find out, specifically, WHY not. You'll receive your very own set of Chick tracts at the door, so you can read (and pray) along. In the meantime, check out our Facebook. page.

Christine Dean
Role: Celebrity Narrator
well-connected Geek with the voice of an angel. Hardcore cider.

Gary Kruchowski
Role: Policeman, Drunk Guy, Pilot, Goo Monkey, Death, Rich Man, God, Bartender, Gay Sean, Abraham
knows that raccoons love hot dogs. Leinie's is fine if that's all you have cold.

Jess McCullough
Role: Satan's Assistant, Ed, Evolved Golfer, God, Captain, Angel, Thug, Doctor, Handsome Videoer, Lot
seems like a nice young man with many fine qualities. Bell's Two-Hearted Ale.

Chris Nollet
Role: Satan, Rev. Davidson, Tyler, Chester, Thug, Shoe Vendor, Senorita, Charlie, Angel
not so much a lion of the theatre, more like porpoise or a shark. Whatever's in the well.

Bruce Ojard
Role: visuals/effects wiz ... and the voice of Jack T. Chick
just one wife and a mortgage-free house away from being homeless. Beck's Dark.

Cathy Podeszwa
Role: Debbie, Stewardess, Angel, Cathy, Goo Monkey, Sailor, Mama, Protestor, Sodomite
for a fee, will arrange your stuffed animals in evolutionary order. Surly Furious.

Christa Schulz
Role: Rita Jones, Passenger, God, Secular Mom, Aunt Sophie, Sailor, Juan, Protestor, Angel
boots of Wonder Woman, power of Medusa. Dirty Bombay Sapphire martini.

Cheryl Skafte
Role: Jill, Mrs. Davidson, Goo Monkey, Lil' Devil, Mrs. Chester, Juanito, Protestor, Sodomite
survived caterpillar attack in Two Harbors. Bud Lite with two big olives.

Jean Sramek
Role: Director/Producer
recovering Catholic with above-average forearm strength. Maker's Mark, neat.