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All Day Wine Bus. Bigger. Better. Now in Leather.

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Last summer's wine bus trip was probably the most commented on event we've done. I was at a Monthly Pint and people were coming up to me and saying "you're the guy who did that wine bus". That's a good thing. Now if the person saying it was a cop, it would be different, but it wasn't. In my simple philosophy of life good things are good (you can quote that if you wish), so we're doing it again. Only this time with leather. Seriously, the bus has leather seats. Wood floors. It's pretty cool.

It will be just the same as the last one except where it's different (you can quote that too). This will be an all day trip like before. Probably run from 10 to 8 like before. Everyone will bring a bottle to share like before.

We're going to start at Warehouse Winery in St. Louis Park. This is my favorite MN wine (because it's not MN wine) and they give the best lecture / tour. Ok, the tour's kinda short, but the lecture is great. And the pours are great (very important). The winery is in St. Louis Park and since they have plenty of parking, we'll start there. We'll be able to save a couple hours of bus rental this way too. Tour / lecture / tasting starts at 10. Should last 2 hours. Lecture is good, so get there before 10. Doors should be open by 9:30.

Since the wine is pretty decent, feel free to buy your shared bottle here. Matter of fact, I encourage that. Helps the winery. Makes us look good. Saves a trip to the liquor store. And they have a pretty good range of wines. Oh, and we get a discount.

The bus will arrive about 12. We'll board and head to the next winery which will be Woodland Hill. There we'll have a picnic lunch if the weather is good. Or eat on the bus, or at their limited inside seating. Bring something to eat for lunch, or optionally, you can order a turkey sandwich / chips / cookie lunch for $10. If you want this option, tell me so I can preorder it. After Woodland Hill, we'll go to Sovereign Estates do a tasting there, and then on to JJ's in Eden Prairie for dinner and yet more wine.

The cost is $32. It's a little more than last time cause leather isn't cheap. And just like before, the tastings are not included. The costs will be $15 at Warehouse Wines (usually $25, so we're getting a deal), $5 at Woodland Hill, and $10 at Sovereign Estates. You will pay at the winery for Warehouse and Woodland Hill. You'll pay me on the bus for Sovereign Estates. Cash for Woodland would speed things up. Cash for me when I collect for Sovereign on the bus is required.

The bus will pick up / drop off at Warehouse Winery. There is plenty of parking there. I will have the bus make a stop at my place in Plymouth when we're done cause I'm pretty sure I don't want to drive home. If you want to carpool from my place to St. Louis Park, let me know. If you want to crash at my place, that's cool too. There's also a Comfort Inn walking distance from my place. I'll be going back to Warehouse Sunday to get my car, so if anyone else ends up leaving their car there, I can get you back too.

The last bus filled up and I expect this one to do so too. As to refunds, if you pay and then find you can't make it, I will give a refund if I can sell your seat to someone else. Last time there was a waiting list, so I'll probably be able to refund your money, but there is no guarantee. Just sayin.

Bus features:

Truly the top of the line in the motor coach industry, these vehicles are guaranteed to impress any group and make you look good. Whether you are taking a group of clients to dinner or going on a cross-country trip, our Elite Motor Coaches will take you there in executive style. Elegant wood flooring and comfortable black leather seats are complemented by a full range of modern conveniences including:

Wi-Fi110V power outlets beneath every seat

REI Elite Audio system (subwoofers/amp)

iPod connector behind driver’s seat

15 inch monitors (compared to[masked] inch standard)

Scenic rear window

Two card tables

Tray tables/Cupholders at each seat

Soft blue LED step and aisle lighting

ADA Wheelchair Lift

3 point seatbelts

(I wasn't going to include the last two, but then I thought the wheelchair lift might be useful if you get too drunk to walk and the seatbelts will keep you from falling into the aisle if you pass out).

As I stated above, we'll be having stopping at JJ's Wine Bar in Eden Prairie on the way back. Those of you who have been to meetups at the JJ's in Uptown know they have a nice wine list and good food. They also a place that can accommodate a group our size without giving us the "banquet room" preorder all on one receipt crap that other places want to do.

Below is the menu just so you know what they have. No need to decide ahead. We'll all have separate checks. Tips will be added into the total. If you have some sort of free range paleo vegan gluten free organic fair trade quiona requirements let me know.