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Fringe Festival - Renny Decker: Rise and Fall of the Boat King

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Show starts at 5:30.

Here's the description from the fringe website: FRINGE (

A message from Mr. Decker:

Hello folks, I’m Renny Decker of Renny Decker Boat Works where “Nobody Swims”. You probably know me from my various ads in newspapers, television, buses, bus benches, billboards, bathroom urinal cakes, the world wide web and you probably see me in your sleep.

You probably have also heard that I have been in some legal trouble lately due to trumped up bankruptcy and fraud charges. Lucky for me the court has given me the opportunity to defend myself and so I have written a play that will serve as my defense as we go to trial at this year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Now if you believe what has been said about me in the media you would think I am a greedy, arrogant, selfish, lying, conniving, cheating megalomaniac, who has acted with reckless disregard for the law, the court, his company shareholders, and the American Recreational Water Vehicle Industry! Therefore I want to urge you to come out to my show and see all that for yourself. You decide.

Very Truly Yours,

Renny Decker