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uDare - Snowdon Same Day Challenge! Sat 19th Oct 2013 - £55 (incl transport)

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uDare - Snowdon 'Same Day'Challenge!
Sat 19th Oct 2013 (£55 incl transport)

(London to Snowdon and back in a day..with time for you to chill on Sunday! ;-)

If you have not already hiked to the top of the highest point in England & Wales you need to get that one under your belt. If you have already done it, lets face it, its about time you had a really good hike anyway!

We're all busy though eh! for this challenge we will be leaving London early Saturday morning, hiking Snowdon & arriving back home the same evening!!

We'll be meeting outside King Cross station at 6:15am on Saturday 19th October and aim to get back to London by around 11pm.


Payment includes return transport from Kings Cross Station to Snowdon & guided hike up Snowdon.


We've done this for the last 3 years & it worked out brilliantly. Everyone had a great time, felt happy to have climbed Snowdon that weekend & still had Sunday to relax fully & enjoy!


Click here to see the great photo's from 2010! (

Click here to see the 2011 crew in action! (

... and Click here to see the last one in 2012


This trip caters for those for who acheiving/enjoying 'Snowdon' is the all important thing and would sacrifice a bit more time spent travelling and tiredness on that one day for smaller costs & having an extra full day at home on the weekend!

It is mainly straightforward hiking but there are a few sections where you will need to scramble a bit up stable rocks (more a case of having to put your hands down for balance rather than pulling yourself up). It's fine for most people but not really suitable for anyone who is unfit or suffers with strong vertigo.

* Our intended routes are to go up the Pyg track & down the Miners track (though unlikely, these could be subject to change ;-))


Recommended to bring:

*Water (+Hot flask would be good if the weather is cold?)
*Waterproof/windproof jacket/trousers are essential (it is recommended that jeans are not worn as
in hot weather, they are heavy and hot and hold sweat next to your skin. In wet weather, they soak up rain like a sponge. If you end up wet from either sweat or rain, you may soon be chafed on your thighs and crotch. Instead, choose walking trousers made from a sweat-wicking fabric).
*Appropriate clothing but at least a fleece as it is likely very cold near the summit!
*Hiking Boots are essential
* Manageable backpack for your things
*Money for food & drink (Great Cafe at the top of the mountain with hot/cold food/drinks - NO guarantee this will be open!)
*Bringing snacks and lunch is recommended as the cafe at the top is sometimes closed or too busy)
*A smile and general good vibe
A decision on somewhere to eat after the hike will be made upon arriving back at the transport, depending on the time!



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