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CityDash Fire Hazard

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It only lasts 1 hour but it's a lot of fun. You can walk, jog or run, but at some point you will certainly be dashing! There is always a good turn out. I have included their description of the event below. But if you have anymore questions please ask away:

"Run for checkpoints, replan on the fly as the map changes, and duck for cover as our patrolling guards close in. Or take it more strategically, rack your brains to solve our cryptic clues, and keep your eyes open for bonus points.

However you play, you can watch the live scoreboard for updates and battle it out with nearby teams. With a huge range of strategies, approaches, and levels, you can take this as casually or competitively as you want."

Buy tickets here:

It's only £15, and worth every penny. Very well organised.