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I am inspired by this show https://www.apnews.com/6882e90dd46f4caf823887bc18ef512a and saw how this Billionaire drops into a small town, with $100 and no contacts. He is undercover. He started a community of small business owners and networked. He thought smart and worked with people he just met. He inspired, coached, collaborated and built a business with $100 in 90 days! If you think that with the right people in your life, you too can create a miracle in business, then this group is for your.

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Under Cover Billionaire Master Mind # 2!

8130 Lakewood Main St

We had a terrific first meeting with new ideas and solutions. Here is our next meeting. RSVP early as we may run out of space like we did before! @Fabiana had a great suggestion - so we will be sending out an agenda and assignments before the meeting for you to do before coming. This will make our time together more productive. @Mauricio had another great idea - the possiblity of even creating a product or service that will benefit all of us! I am meeting with @Gema before hand to go over an action that her LMS project inspired! @Antonio brought an "out of the box" powerful thought that raised the bar! Expect to meet like minded optimists like yourself plus an ACTIONABLE structured conversation to position all of us to move our ideas a step closer to results. Seating is limited at our beautiful Cowork facility, downtown Lakewood Ranch (about 8 minutes East of UTC mall on University)! More details and discussion to follow between now and the 27th 9/27/19 Make this date a catalyst for what you are working on!!

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Under Cover Billionaire Master Mind

8130 Lakewood Main St

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