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    Practice Your Pitch events – Yes, practice makes perfect, so they say! Before you step up to deliver your pitch on the big day to your potential investors, try it out first! Its’ a dress rehearsal - get the experience of delivering your deck without the stress of the critical eye of your prospective investors on the day of your one hour to impress! At our events up to three candidates get to run through their latest pitch and invite structured feedback from an expert panel. At the end of the pitches and feedback, just for fun, we find out who the event attendees would vote to most likely connect with and with whom they would invest their imaginary millions! Networking - Expand your network and be part of a friendly group of peers Share Knowledge - Discuss challenges and explore synergies Opportunities – mingle with the Experts and potential Investors who may just drop in to see what all the excitement at Practice Your Pitch events is about! Partnering – strike new business partnerships and meet potential co-founders Learning & Development sessions - discover what it takes to compile a successful business pitch, all in a friendly environment that will provide structured and informative feedback to give you bite size, take away action points to pull together the coolest 'killer' pitch! IMPORTANT NOTICES: All Practice Your Pitch Events are run as a format and forum to do exactly that - practice your pitch in front of an audience and expert panel to receive feedback with a view to improve presenting skills and content. No investments are offered or solicited as details in pitches are for training and learning and development purposes only, and may be fictional or out of date. Practice Your Pitch is not a registered broker-dealer or an investment advisor or investment platform. The services and information we offer are for continual professional development and training purposes only. Nothing in our events, workshops, services, websites, emails, or other communication channels shall be deemed a solicitation or an offer to buy/sell investments. For clarity: WeWork are host venues only. Meetup is a member platform for managing our entrepreneur groups & events.