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What we’re about

This regular Meetup incorporates multicultural values and opportunities in a varied selection of self-development training workshops and networking events. 
Our eclectic mix of events can help you to find a better job and build Guanxi (network connections) by bringing people together at our regular Cross-Cultural Networking Events with guest-speakers who share and inspire everyone who joins us.


Why you should join
Our events are fun, friendly and regular. We do our utmost to arrange exceptionally high quality and worth while Cross-Cultural Networking Events for you and invite people you will love talking to (and getting their contacts). 
By joining us you will:

- Meet New and Interesting People from All Over the World

- Make connections with leading HRs, Chinese and Foreigners
- Find a better Job, Meet a New Client and More ;)
- Network to Your Benefit and Share & Inspire (and will get inspired)
- Practice Your Language and Communication Skills
- Learn Something New that is not in Books YET from our Guest Speakers
... all in all, Develop Your Guanxi...


Our upcoming workshop events include: 
• Emotional Intelligence

• Goal Achievement
• Culture & Communication 
• Teambuilding
• Soft Skills
• Mindfulness
• Sales & Marketing
• Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Character Building & Self-Confidence

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We hope you join us soon.

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