umBristol Social - October 2017


Due to popular demand, this months umBristol Social is Ten Pin Bowling at The Lanes ( in Bristol.

Admission to compete in the TEN PIN BOWLING has closed, we only had spaces for 18 people, but all our welcome to join us in the pub and hang out while we play. Feel free to RSVP - for free.

The plan:-

6:30pm - Start to Gather at Horts (
7:45pm - Take the short walk around the corner to The Lanes (
8:00pm - Start bowling for those already on the list
9:00pm - Finish bowling

The following are on the list to compete in the Ten Pin Bowling:-

Thomas Adams, Lindsay Alford, Mike Bull, Jack Durcan, Barry Fogarty, Ben Howarth, Jon Humphrey, Lee Kelleher, Matt Lawrence, Thomas Morris, Jonathan Richards, Joshua Richards, Maff Rigby, Steve Temple, Tristan Thompson, Matt Tomlinson, Karl Tynan, Callum Whyte.

With the Umbraco UK Fest ( happening a few days afterwards, this is a great chance to meet up with and socialize with others travelling up.