• An Hour of Healing

    Balance Healing Center


    If you love to receive, receive, receive holistic therapies, you will want to sign up for this 18 participant only event. We're offering a round-robin sampler of holistic therapies for pain and stress relief. Everyone will get to experience Spring Forest Qigong which is a great class for physical and mental tension relief. It's particularly popular with those who want to do yoga but can't because of an injury or limitation. Our instructor, Emmett, is 78 years young and has a lot of healing wisdom to offer. Everyone will also be able to enjoy an introduction to Meditation for Neuromuscular Release. We'll discuss and experience how meditation can release physical discomfort in addition to mental clarity. The techniques come from Craniosacral therapy and popular with those who want to extend the benefits of thier massage or other bodywork treatments beyond the table. The last piece of this healing trifecta is your choice of personal therapy. The options are light therapy, PEMF or far infrared heat therapy, tarot or angel card reading, or Craniosacral therapy but these treatments are first RSVP first choice so book your spot now. You can find out more at https://balancehealingcenter.com/sampling.html. Looking forward to meeting up with you!