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Managing the RIsky Business of Bad Bossing: Up, Down & All Around
When we’re under pressure and things get tense, emotions run high. We all experience it. And, unless we’ve done some personal work, it literally becomes physiologically challenging, nearly impossible, to manage our emotional response. Quite frankly, few of us know what to do and how to manage those fierce emotional reactions that drive us to say and do things that we later regret. Unfortunately, the impact on others can be devastating. In today’s world, managing ourselves appropriately seems like a no-brainer. Right? However, some simple behaviors actually lead to a “bad bossing” reputation and we’re not even aware of it. This meet-up group is about 5 breakthroughs on how to avoid a bad bossing reputation and what to do when dealing with a bad boss. Join us monthly to hear some great speakers and for some great networking. Registration starts at 3:30pm with beverages served.

Broadstone Coronado on the Bay

1515 2nd St · Coronado

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This is for the up and coming, the entrepreneur, the management-challenged, motivated to achieve, and the female executive wanting to create psychological safety for better performance, better relationships and higher profitability. This is a call for all emerging or existing leaders in every walk of life! Whether you have formal or informal leadership roles, this is a group for you.

What does it take to be a great leader? What are some of the challenges faced as you try to step forward? Do you have the influence and persuasion that you would really like to have?

You'll discover the answers for how to move up, how to relate to others, ask for a raise, and overcome the pain of dealing with bosses who haven't been trained in kindness and caring toward their employees. Here's an opportunity to come together with other like-minded professionals seeking to move ahead. This group is a mix of educational events, teleseminars, networking, and social activities.

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