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Scalapeño 2013

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Scalapeño: Scala with a kick! (

Scalapeño is a full-day conference for software developers, managers and CIO/CTOs focused on the Scala ( programming language. It is organized by members of the Israeli Scala user group Underscore (!forum/underscore-il), and has three distinct objectives:

Spread the word about Scala and its merits in the Israeli software industry;

Provide a stage for lectures and learning opportunities on the Scala language, tools and libraries for beginners and practicing developers alike;

Provide an opportunity for Scala developers, aficionados and interested parties to network and create a local, organic ecosystem around the language.

The conference features two concurrent tracks:

“Mild” - an introductory track, aimed at providing concrete and relevant information to existing development teams, CIO/CTOs and everyone who isn't necessarily using Scala but wants to learn more. This includes an overview of the language itself, fundamentals of the ecosystem (Akka/actors, functional programming etc.), case studies and success stories.

“Extra spicy” - an advanced track for experienced Scala or polyglot developers interested in deeper knowledge on what Scala has to offer: tips and tricks, type system hacks, advanced asynchronous programming idioms and similar topics.

Scalapeño 2013 is organized by Tomer Gabel ( and Shai Yallin ( with support from WiX ( and our additional sponsors, Yahoo! ( and LivePerson (

Note: We're hosted at Google's Campus Tel-Aviv ( Attendees should register to the campus via the website.