• Quantum Computing with Martin Laforest

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    Quantum computing is becoming more and more a reality, and we are slowly but surely approaching its use for commercial purposes. What is holding back the development of the quantum computer? What are the opportunities to be seized and the threats to be countered? How does quantum computing work and what will be its first useful applications? Is quantum computing the end of cybersecurity? During this conference, we will dive in the subject of quantum computing and try to answer these big questions.

    Martin Laforest Bio:
    A quantum physicist by training, Martin is currently director of quantum strategy for the Distriq, the quantum innovation hub in Sherbrooke, Québec and for the ACET incubator. He is also a managing partner in an investment fund dedicated to quantum technologies. Martin spent eight years promoting the impacts of quantum technologies to students, governments, companies and investors for the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo where he also received his PhD. He also embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure at ISARA Corporation for 3 years before joining the Sherbrooke quantum ecosystem.

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