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Spirit Rejuvenation Weekend

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Spirit Rejuvenation Retreat

May 23rd Weekend

Kennett Square PA


Attend All or Part

Weekend Includes all activities, delicious meals, transpiration, overnight lodging, and communal atmosphere of sharing.

Friday 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Trance Dance of the 4 Worlds

In this shamanic ritual we journey through the 4 worlds, the past, present, future, and eternity to reclaim lost energy, awaken confidence & presence, direct our energy towards a bright future, and deepen our connection to the eternal moment that unifies all fragments of time.

No dancing experience, or spiritual background necessary. We begin with an introduction and establishing of intention, then each person finds their own space, closes their eyes and enters into a state of dynamic meditation. Specially chosen music is played, and guidance offered to direct the flow of the meditation.

Release physical tension, toxins, anxiety, unexpressed & repressed emotions. Increase vitality, confidence, creativity, body intuition and trust, & inner brightness. Embrace the space for release and transformation.

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, and bring water


Saturday 10am - 2pm

Prayer of Rejuvenation at the Russian Banya

World cultures have been praying and connecting with the spirit by symbolically re-creating the primordial womb for ages. The native americans consider the sweat lodge to be a sacred temple of purification, not only physically but a place to release emotional, psychological, and spiritual debris as well. Every culture has its own form, and the Russian Banya (sauna) is a place of deep cleansing.

Join us in the tradition of prayer and purification.

Connect deeply to your intentions of health and wellbeing in all areas of your life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Release & be nourished by guided practices of breathing, hot / cold flushes, salt scrubs, herbal cleansing, and prayer.


Includes Spa Entrance Fee, Cleansing Herbs and Tools, and Meal Afterwards

Saturday 7pm - 9pm

Sacred Drum Spiral

The spirit is always spiraling upwards in celebration and joy. May we contribute to the spiral of creation, and pray for the health and wellbeing of all.

The theme of today's prayer spiral is Cleansing and Purification especially related to the home, family, and community.

Donations Appreciated

Sunday 10:00am - 2pm

4 Element Shamanic Hike

Every step a prayer

Enter into the world of the sacred

The invisible world that surrounds us

Call upon the forces of nature

Guide our walk

Protect the seeds of light

And cleanse the spirit

Connect with the elements, the doorways into the divine mystery, and call upon them to release, renew, strengthen, and protect.

$45 Includes Hearty Meal