What we're about

We are an international and for-purpose organization based in Bonn, Germany. We believe in the power of every individual to lead and inspire change.

We passionately support more authentic and conscious ways of working, collaborating and leading. Through our services (http://unityeffect.net/services/) we offer guidance and support in the process of actively shaping change and navigating through the increasing uncertainty and complexity that surrounds us.

We create experiences and guide processes for individuals and teams to reflect and connect with themselves, others and the bigger picture, forming the base for positive, purposeful and collaborative action. Through our joint work with experienced facilitators across diverse areas of change management, we bridge generations, perspectives and cultures.

Our journey thus far has led us to build our own organisational structure and culture guided by the principles of the Teal movement: purpose-oriented and trust-based self-organisation. We stand for sustainable, innovative and caring solutions which support social transformation. Trust, purpose, integrity and transparency are values which form the foundation of our organizational culture, our partnerships and our services.

At the core of everything we do is our purpose of empowering people to lead and inspire change from the inside out.More about us and our approach here (http://unityeffect.net/about/).

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Webinar for Tools in Team Work: Feedback & Wertschätzung

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Welcoming & Connecting #3

Eutopia Bonn Zentrum

Webinar for Tools in Team Work: Entscheidungen im Arbeitsalltag

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