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Universal Chan - Berkeley, CA Chan/Zen Meditation Group
Universal Chan - Berkeley, CA Chan/Zen Meditation Group
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· Berkeley, CA

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Each Friday evening we have a Dharma talk and meditation led by Chan monk Da Xing Fashi. All levels are welcome; no experience is required.

We typically start with a short service, followed by a Dharma talk, and then Chan (Zen) sitting meditation. There will be explanations of the important principles to practice, and at times we will read some sutras, or poems and writings by the Chan Patriarchs to understand the Zen teachings from different angles.

Come share in tea tasting with us as well!

7 p.m.

1436 University Ave
Berkeley, CA, 94710

Dear Participants,

We would like to let you know that all our activities are donation-based. Your voluntary contribution is crucial to help maintain the activities at our Chan Center. We strive to keep this priceless wisdom alive in order to benefit as many people as possible.

We ask that you please make a donation before participating in any activity. We have a donation box at our Center which you may put your donation into when you first arrive, or you may send donations to [masked] via Paypal:

Donations to our Center are tax-deductible.

Thank you so much! May you be happy and free!

Universal Chan

About Universal Chan:

Universal Chan is an international Religious non profit organization derived from Chinese Chan* Sudden Approach Tradition , founded by the Chan Monk Da Xing. It operates mainly in Asia,Europe and USA, but we are open to be active in other country as well . Compared to China or other Asian countries where Buddhism is a prevalent religion, USA has only been exposed to Buddhism for less than a century. Many active Buddhist schools across USA are of Hinayana, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Chan, Japanese Zen, and doctrinal studies. All these traditions come from different countries and consequently reflect cultural influences and inflections specific to their place of origin. Although Chinese Chan Tradition is present, the subteaching of Chinese Chan Sudden Approach Tradition is not present. It is a great pity that the vast majority of westerners has not been exposed to Chinese Chan, and even fewer people are able to use Chan Buddhism to improve their lives.

This presents a great opportunity to provide all westerners with access to Chinese culture in its many aspects, and to Chinese Chan Buddhism. The goal of the organization and of its affiliations is to spread the Chan Sudden Approach Teaching so to deeply benefit those interested in learning Buddhism.